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Using blockchain features

Something that makes Orvium unique is the possibility to use the blockchain to access extra features such as proving of the ownership of your work and get rewards for the peer reviews you make.

If you don't know what blockchain is, check this 2 min video:

Orvium currently uses the Ethereum blockchain for its decentralized features. If you want to use these features you need some tools in your computer to sign blockchain transactions.

Configuring your computer for blockchain

The easiest way to start is using Metamask. Metamask is a web extension that makes easy to work with the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask can also be used with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. This makes it quite convenient for both testing and production use cases. For more information about how to install and configure Metamask please visit the Metamask support site.

Connecting to blockchain in Orvium

Once the previous step is completed, you can now connect to blockchain. It is as simple as clicking the next button located in the toolbar.

Blockchain button

Features unlocked

In order to understand these new features, it is important to know what the ORV token is. ORV´s act like an exchange method to reward and vualue each other´s work.

A very clear example of how it works is that Orvium, in the publication process, offers the option to reward the reviewers with the amount of ORV´s the publishes desires. This is a method to encourage users to review the publication and to improve the quality of the reviews. In addition these tokens obtained by a reviewer can be used again in the publication process.

Another feature is the possibility to save the ownership of your publication storing your authorship. This leads to the publication being stored attached to your name permanently.

Using Ethereum Testing Environment

With the purpose of spreading the ability and knowledge to use blockchain correctly, we provide with a testing environment opened to everyone.

In order to get a first approach to blockchain, we have Ethereum´s network called Ropsten. This network can be easilly accessed throgh the MetaMask browser extension, where the balance is completely fictional as well as all the transactions related to it. Once it is activated, it will look like this:

Blockchain Ropsten

To increase the account balance, there are several options. The easiest one is Ropsten Ethereum Faucet, where after introducing the account adress, testing currency will be sent.


Now you are free to test all the different features!