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Create a Review

Now that you are a reviewer, let's create a review.

The first step is to select the publication you want to review. Just access to the one you have chosen and click on Create Review button on the right side panel. Above this button, you can find an accordion that contains information about the reviews and versions for that article. Once you have created the review, it will be displayed there.


You can just click on the reviews that are Available. Revisions in progress are only accessible to the author himself.

Create a Review

You'll get redirected to Edit Review page. Complete all the necessary information and attach the corresponding files. You also need to make a decision about the publication.


More information about decision types is available in Reviewers Code section.

Edit Review


When you create a review, the status will be In Progress, so no one, instead of you, would have access to it. Once you publish it, it will be available for the entire Orvium community.

Edit and Delete

In My Reviews, located in the Reviews drop-down menu, you can manage your revisions. Select the one you want to edit or delete. This is the overview of your review. Click on to edit it.


On Edit Review page, you can modify any field and, you can also delete your review by clicking on Delete button, located at the bottom of the page.


Once the review is published, it is not editable and cannot be deleted.