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Edit a publication

Once you have created your publication, you will need to include some general information about it. You can edit your publication at any moment while the publication is in draft by clicking on placed on the right side of the publication toolbar.

Publication details


You can submit a publication as a member of a community if you wish to. Choose among the communities you have joined, you can only assign a community at a time.

Community without tracks

If the community you choose has tracks to categorize articles, you will have to choose a track too.

Community with tracks

Publication details

All publications need some basics details such as title, abstract, keywords, disciplines, DOI, type of publication and its copyright license. This information helps Orvium users to identify the publication.

If you want to know more about Orvium publication licences click here or in the what's this text that is next to the license selection.


  • DOI is not a required detail so if you do not have a valid DOI for your publication you do not need to provide it.

  • Orvium as default choose CC0 licence.

Publication details

Publication authors

Adding the publication authors is one of the core steps.


Remember that you have to receive permission from the co-authors to submit the publication to Orvium.

In order to add an author, you will have to click the button add author.

Publication authors

Adding an author

Once clicked, you will be able to write the author's basic info. You need to fill their first, last name and email, you can also provide an ORCID iD or CRediT roles. If you want to know more about CRediT roles and how to use them click here.

The add me button, automatically writes down the info specified in your profile (first, last name, email and ORCID iD) the CRediT roles will still have to be added by you manually.

Once you have filled all the info you wanted, click the save author. In case you change your mind and don't want to add that author, click the button cancel.

Publication add an author

Updating or deleting an author

If you want to change some info about the author or want to remove it from the list of authors, click their name in the list of authors.

Publication edit an author

Once selected, the info about the author will be displayed, and you will be free to change it. In order to save the changes you make, click the button update author.

If you want to remove the author from the list, just click the delete author button.

If in the end you desire to not make any changes, click the cancel button

Publication edit an author

Publication references

Now is time to indicate the publication references (also known as citations). You can use any citation format you want but from Orvium we encourage you to use APA format. You can also provide a link to your reference if you want.

Click the add reference button and write the info. Once you have specified the reference and the link, click the save reference button.

Publication references

If you want to delete or update the reference, click the name of the reference. You will be able to edit, delete or cancel the deletion.

Delete references

Once you have completed the information about the reference, click on the button below, and the reference will be added.

Publication files

Once you have completed all the general information and save your changes, you can choose and upload your publication files.

Publication files

If you upload a .docx file, Orvium will automatically convert to pdf and html. This means that the publication content will be shown directly on the publication view without need to download the file to read it. To see how will be your publication view, click on preview button.

Other features

GitHub repository

In case you use a GitHub repository, you can put it here to ease the access to the code you use. It will be accessible for the other users to see.

Github repository


You may use the blockchain to add proof of authorship to your publication. If you want to know more about how Orvium works with the blockchain, click here.

Blockchain section

Delete the publication

If you decide to delete the draft of your publication, you can click the delete publication button. Be careful though, once deleted it cannot be recovered.

Delete publication

Submit your publication

When the publication is ready to start the publishing process, click on the Submit button contained in the details toolbar. Your publication will be sent to the approval queue.

Submit publication

When a paper is Pending Approval, it means that it will be checked for inappropriate content or non-compliance with Orvium standards. Once the publication is approved, it will be totally accessible as a Preprint ready to receive new Peer Reviews.