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The menu located on the left side of the platform is the way to access the majority of possibilities that Orvium offers.

Sidenav Menu

My Publications

The first option of the menu is "My Publications", where the user is gonna be able to find all its uploaded publications, no matter the state of it (draft, pending approval, ...).


Second option is "Communities", where all the communities in Orvium are listed. Through this page, the user is going to have the possibility visit any of them.

My Reviews

The third option is "My Reviews". In this page, the user can see all its reviews. However, they are divided into 3 groups.


It shows all the invitations to review that the user has received, as well as all the possible actions to do with these invitations.

In progress

Here, all the reviews that are in draft or pending approval state are listed.


On the other hand, the "Resolved" section lists the userĀ“s reviews that have already been published and are visible to everyone.

Papers to Review

The last option of the menu is "Papers to Review". This page is a list of publications that the user might find intresting to review.