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If you are a new user in the platform it is important that you complete your profile details using the onboarding process. This process will help us to understand your needs and will unlock advanced features in the platform like the possibility to make formal peer reviews. The process will ask you some basic details about your professional area and institution.

Once you enter the onboarding page, the first thing you will need to specify is the type of user you are:

  • Academic/Student: Students and users dedicated to academic research
  • Medical: Users dedicated to medical research
  • Public/Private Institution: Users from public or private institutions dedicated to research not included in the two previous areas.
  • Citizen: Other users that are not dedicated to research

Select user type

You will be asked for basic personal details (name, email). We use the domain of your email address to see what institution you belong to, and you might be asked for additional details about your institution.

Institution form

Once you have filled all the required information, click "Done" to finish the onboarding process and you will be redirected to your profile page.

Complete onboarding

On your profile page you can fill additional details about you and your expertise. Check the profile help in this guide for more details.