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Invite your colleagues

Orvium is an open platform in which everyone is invited to collaborate. Invite now your teammates, friends or colleagues by email or promote Orvium in social networks.

After Log In in your account, you can invite your colleagues at any moment by clicking on the "Invite to Orvium" button placed at the sidenav of the application.

Invite colleagues

Invite by email

A popup will open where you can indicate the personal emails from the people you want to invite. Click on "Send", and an invitation to Orvium will be send to all of them.

Invite email


If you prefer, you can share the invitation link among your colleagues.

Promote in social networks

You can also share Orvium by clicking on your favourite site between Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Invite social

Thank you very much for helping us grow the Orvium community!