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Install the application

Orvium platform is a progressive web application. This means that it offers the possibility to be install it in your device. The difference between conventional apps, is that Orvium can be installed from the browser. Here are the steps to get it:

Smartphone version

Once we browse Orvium Orvium in our smartphone, the following button will appear at the bottom of the screen:
Install Button
After we click on it and confirm, the app will be installed automatically.
Install Confirmation
Once it is installed, it will show in the device looking like this:
App Logo

Desktop version

For the desktop version, it is as simple as the previous method. It is just needed to click the following install button in the search bar:
Install Button
And confirm to start downloading. This is a fast process, and it will add Orvium app to your device.
Install Confirmation
Congratulations! Now you have a much easier way to access Orvium.