Introducing Orvium!


Blockchain Technology

Transparent and Incorruptible

Blockchain technology allows building infrastructures that enable open, trustworthy, decentralized and collaborative environments. With blockchain technology, people can submit entries into public records of information and the community of users can control how those records are amended and updated.


Flexible Licensing

Author choose the license

Copyright and licenses are owned and transferable by authors. Authors retain control of their work and its potential economic benefits. Orvium encourages you to share your research as openly as possible to maximize the use and re-use of your research results. However, we allow uploading under a variety of different licenses and access levels*.
* You are responsible for respecting applicable copyright and license conditions for the files you upload.


Peer Reviews

Open and Public

The research community itself directly determines the validity and soundness of the research and having all the information about the process allows it to self-regulate. In addition, Orvium's peer reviews are continuous.


Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Cutting-edge technology

Orvium integrates Big Data Analytics with the blockchain. This unlocks valuable insights to improve scientific production.


Decentralised Journals

Journal subscription freedom

No journal subscription model is enforced. Orvium provides an efficient framework to create decentralized journals with low maintenance and operational costs. Orvium accepts both positive and negative results.



Unique identification

To make the upload easily and uniquely citeable, Orvium assigns all publicly available articles a Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Orvium further supports harvesting of all content via the OAI-PMH protocol.


Social Platform

Communicate with other researchers

Orvium provides a collaborative framework for any single process related to the manuscript life cycle


Zero-delay publication

Work available from the moment it is submitted

Orvium establishes an independent, decentralized and immutable time-stamped proof of existence, authorship and ownership



Create easily your own repository

Orvium allows you to create your own collection and accept or reject uploads submitted to it. Creating a space for your next workshop or project has never been easier. Plus, everything is citable and discoverable!