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Orvium allows you to harvest all platform publications via the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI- PMH). OAI-PMH is a widely used protocol for harvesting metadata and most popular repository software provide support for this protocol.

Base URL

The base URL for the service is See the examples, below, for some basic examples about how to use this service to retrieve metadata.

Metadata formats

Metadata for each record is available in oai_openaire format. This metadata format has been specifically established for the integration with OpenAIRE following the properties of the Application Profile for OpenAIRE Literature Repository Guidelines v4.0.0.

OAI identifiers

The identifiers used by this system are of the form: where id is the publication identifier manage by Orvium.



Identify the Orvium OAI-PMH interface.


List metadata formats available.


List sets. A set is an optional construct for grouping items for the purpose of selective harvesting. Each Orvium community has its own set.


Return a fixed number of records per request.


An abbreviated form of ListRecords, retrieving only headers rather than records.


Retrieve an individual metadata record .