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Owning a community

Being the owner of a community, offers you a wide variety of options that moderators do not have. Here it is an explanation of all of them:

Community Edit

As an owner, you can edit every detail of the community, including name, type, description, guidelines, images, among many others.

In this panel, you can also add the different links for you social media channels to show within your community landing page or even configure your Datacite server to start creating DOIs for your publications.

Call for Papers

The owner can create new Calls for Papers, being just necessary to fill in the name, description, deadline and contact information.

Call for Papers

Manage Moderators

The options of removing or adding new moderators are also available to community owners. To add new moderators to your community, you just need to send an invitation to their email by using the "Assign" button shown below. Obviously, invitations to moderate can be accepted or declined.

Moderators moderation