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Moderation of a community

Moderating is an essential function in the structure of a community, in which all the incoming publications and reviews are managed, as well as where other administrative decisions take place. This is all carried out by the community moderators.

Publications moderation

Incoming Publications & Reviews

Once a publication is uploaded to a community, the moderators will check the submission to make sure the guidelines were followed correctly validating the authors, the format, detecting any sort of plagiarism, etc. The moderator can also search for similar papers based on title, authors or keywords in WOS, Pubmed, Highwire or Google.

Below, a table with all articles submitted to the community pending approval by the community moderators.

Publications moderation

The reviews uploaded to the community submitted papers have to pass the same filter as the articles. They are checked and then, approved or declined. Reviews inside a community will not be visible until a moderator approves them.

Publications Reviews