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What is a community?

Orvium communities are the best way to share your work between your colleagues and meet researchers like you. Universities, companies, research groups, etc. can create their own community to start collaborating together.

Join a community

Everyone is invited to join an Orvium community. If you are interested in a specific topic or do you want to feel part of your favourite tech company, do not be shy and join their community.

Just navigate to the community and click on "Join community" button, automatically you will become a contributor.

Community join

Remember to complete your profile details first using the onboarding process.

Upload a publication

Once you are considered a contributor of a community, you can upload publications to it. To upload a new publication, just click on the "Upload publication" button at the main page of the community.

At the moment you publish your publication, it will appear on the main page of the community and other researchers with similar interests like you will discover your publication easily.

To know more about how to edit and publish your publication click here.

Community publication

All communities have their own Community Guidelines. These guidelines specify a series of requirements in terms of style, format, code of conduct, etc. to upload a publication to the community.

Remember to format your work according to the Community Guidelines before uploading it. In case you do not meet the requirements, your publication will be remove from the community.